Founded in 2007, InDefence strives to lead the way in the education of individuals and organisations to undertake action focused on preventing violence in the work place and in everyday life through the research, development and delivery of cutting edge personal safety and defensive tactics.

InDefence provides training and protection for many groups and individuals.


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Head Instructor

Ashley Gard

A former member of the Royal Australian Corp of Military Police, Ashley has over 20 years experience within the law enforcement and security industries and is an Expert Level Instructor in Krav Maga, having taught in this system for over 14 years. Specialising in personal protection, Ashley has and currently provides protection services to some of the most high profile celebrities, personalities and organisations in the world.  Teaching people how to protect themselves and others for almost two decades, Ashley is dedicated to bringing the best defensive tactics solutions to every sector of the community providing real skills that will save lives.

Aside from teaching physical training, Ash spends the majority of his time going into corporate workplaces assessing, developing and conducting training packages on conversation management, use of force, situational awareness and other topics designed to make staff as skilled as possible when dealing with potentially aggressive situations and everyday conflicts.

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Senior Instructor

Anna Hacquoil

Anna has practised as a lawyer and worked in the legal industry for over 10 years.  Anna is an Expert Level Instructor and has been teaching Krav Maga for over 14 years.

Aside from an interest in the legalities of personal safety, Anna has a goal of spreading personal safety awareness to as many people as she can believing that education and awareness is the key to achieving a community that is not only better at conversation management but more aware of their environment and the people within it.

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Senior Instructor

Benson Jong

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Intermediate Instructor

Daniel Regele

Dan started training in Krav in September 2007 after moving to Australia from Hungary. He gained his instructor certificate in July 2011 under Ilya Dunsky, former head Krav Maga Instructor of the IDF’s Counterterrorist School.

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Intermediate Instructor

Andrea Shoecraft

Andrea is a health IT project manager.

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Katee Shields

Katee has a degree in Counter terrorism, Security and Intelligence, and has a genuine interest in the safety and protection of people on a macro scale. Katee works in the security/corrections industry and see’s the practical aspect of Krav as its largest strength. Katee wishes to spread the system of Krav to all, especially those who are perceived to be weaker/vulnerable or targets of violence.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

James Donison

Originally from Canada, James Donison started training BJJ in 1997. He received his Black Belt from Rodrigo Carvalho Silva (Gracie Barra Vancouver) and Tim Shears (Pacific Top Team) in 2011.

James Donison is hoping to share his knowledge with students who want to train in a fun, family orientated environment. See you on the mats.

Starting something new, especially something like this is always intimidating but I have never not felt welcome with these people. If you are thinking of training in Krav Maga I suggest coming and trying a couple of classes with Ash and Indefence.

E Kinsella, Pilot

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