Greg Farley

Greg holds a certificate IV in disability services and is a Justice of the Peace Qualified.

Greg works in various fields of disability , has been a doorman and worked in medium secure facilities.


  1. How did you get started in Krav Maga?

I have trained in martial arts of various styles for over 20 years and was looking for something different to fill what I would call a void in my training. A void in the sense, the field I was working in at the time was very dangerous, I was constantly in violent situations and I felt I needed to understand the mechanics of a weapon attack such as a knife or bottle in a real life training environment. I had many years of dojo experience but I felt this need to be tweaked!

I had heard of Krav Maga and I decided to Google the closest training facility and take a look.  Wow was I pleasantly surprised. Something that not only gave me what I needed for work but also gave me a refreshed outlook on my martial arts training and opened my eyes to the simplicity of a real world real defence real life system that caters for anyone from the civilian, to military,law enforcement, corrections….and just you an I the average everyday person it has it all. I was converted on the spot.


  1. What were your initial impressions of the training?

My first class was that moment of finally!!! WOW something that accompanies all the other training I had done that filled that void I felt I was missing.  It wasn’t hard.  It was easy, it made sense , was quick effective, deal with the situation and get out. There was no ego everyone was so pleasant an I felt that it was a system that was no nonsense.


3.How long have you been training in Krav Maga?

I started training Krav Maga in 2011 and haven’t stopped !!


  1. What other experience do you bring to Krav Maga?

I have many years’ experience dealing with volatility and with people with intellectual or mental health issues.

I have been certified as a Maybo Conflict Resolution and Physical Intervention trainer.


5.Have you trained in any other combative systems/martial arts type systems?

I have trained in other styles such as:

  • Karate Goju & Shotokan Black belt
  • Cheah Tae Kwon Do
  • Filipino Martial Arts
  • Todd Group Close Quarter Battle (CQB)
  • Boxing
  • Small touch of BJJ & Kick Boxing

With over 20 plus years of various martial arts and combative styles , Krav Maga compliments them all. I found many techniques similar within the Krav Maga system and all I had to do was adapt and fine tune some of the traditional arts, sports or CQB techniques.


  1. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to train Krav Maga?

If you are interested in looking after yourself and family with something that is easy to learn, fun, realistic and keeps you fit , this is for you. You don’t have to be a super fit fighting machine, you can be the average person and this will turn you into above average before you know it.  Anybody can do Krav Maga it is easy to follow and being based on the normal human reaction engrains quickly and easily into your reactions to turn them into defences and if need be attacks.

I haven’t looked back from the first day I walked into a Krav Maga class, the system is used worldwide and evolving everyday. There is amazing support and quality control like I have never seen before in any other martial arts.

It can be tough or it can be simple. I like to train hard by choice but you go as hard as you want, no pressure…

It’s not a sport there are no rules , there are no referees. So bring your towel , bottle of water and eventually a groin guard lol….cause yes we kick the groin a lot!!! As I said no rules!! The person you are defending yourself against has no rules and we fight that way.

Krav Maga will take you as far and hard as you want to go from a basic fight to multiple attackers, knife and gun defence the sky is the limit for what you can do in Krav Maga.

Don’t be shy give it a try!!

But on a serious note Krav Maga LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE!  This is not something I say lightly, without Krav Maga my life would be very very different. I have used Krav Maga in REAL LIFE situations  and it worked EVERY TIME.

On top of it all you will walk out of every lesson feeling WOW and know how to defend yourself and family in a short space of time.


  1. What are your goals of Krav Maga?

To continuously learn and fine tune my skills so as to share the best training techniques I can deliver to the students and encompass all the benefits of this system, give people the confidence to not be afraid and walk tall.

Sadly bad things can happen to good people.  My goal is to instil these Krav Maga tools and get better odds for that good person to turn the tables on the bad person real quick.

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