Katee has recently finished a degree in Counter terrorism, Security and Intelligence, and has a genuine interest in the safety and protection of people on a macro scale. Katee works in the security industry and see’s the practical aspect of Krav as its largest strength. Katee wishes to spread the system of Krav to all, especially those who are perceived to be weaker/vulnerable or targets of violence.     
1. How did you get started in Krav Maga?
    I had just made the solo move from Sydney to the Gold Coast, and was in my early 20ies. I was unfit and wanted to learn to fight, whilst improving my fitness. With a little google I found Anna and Ash.

2. What were your initial impressions of the training?
    I loved it, it was what I was looking for. Thats not to say it wasn’t hard. I was unfit and hadn’t done much physical training for the past few years. But its practical, and I could see how it would benefit me, so I just kept pushing myself and turning up. Soon it became a lifestyle.  
3. How long have you been training in Krav Maga?
    I started training in Krav at the beginning of 2009 and gained my instructor qualification in 2013.
4. What other experience do you bring to Krav Maga?
    Working in security you see and deal with all different types of people. Whether its breaking up fights, securing a person of interest who has broken the law, or attending a medical emergency, you often deal with people at their worst moments. These experiences allows a better understanding of human nature, and how people act or react in different situations. This experience allows me to add context to my Krav training and ensure that real life problems/situations are taught. 
5. Have you trained in any other combative systems/martial arts type systems?
    No, the practicality of Krav keeps me coming back week in week out. I have tried going to a couple other classes of different systems but when they put restrictions on where on the body you can hit a person, I can’t help but think its not practical for self defence. However I have been very keen to get into BJJ, to add to my knowledge base. I respect many combat systems/martial arts, it just depends on what your looking for. If your after self defence, you can’t go past Krav.  
6. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start Krav Maga?
    JUST START. I am female, was young, overweight, and had never trained in any form of combative/martial arts when I started. I went alone, in a new State and knew no one. I was made to feel welcome, and have made some great life long friends. Krav has taken me on a  completely different career path, and I have travelled to Israel all thanks to Krav. All of which I would have never dreamed of, when I walked through the doors all those years ago.   
7. What are your goals for Krav Maga?
    My personal goals for Krav are to keep on training and learning. To be able to share the knowledge I have gained with others and help keep people safe.