Kids KM Classes

We all want the best for our children.  There is nothing better than seeing your child happy and healthy.  However we also know that life can be hard and issues such as bullying can have a drastically detrimental effect on your children which unfortunately can sometimes stay with them for life.

Our classes provide a a dynamic program that teaches your child realistic self defence, gives motivation to improve their fitness and provides life skills to enhance their everyday life.

We don’t teach your child how to fight, but rather our focus is on teaching your child how to become more aware of their surroundings, use verbalisation and if necessary, use physical self defence skills to protect themselves.

Krav Maga is easy to learn and provides many benefits all of which aim at building safe, healthy and confident children. Its also loads of fun.  Our goal is to make our students the best they can be both within the training centre and also in their everyday lives.

Give your child a healthy, safe and confident attitude towards life!

We run classes for:

Kids Krav Maga: 6-9 years
Teens Krav Maga: 10-15 years

We run classes every Saturday during the school terms:

Term 1 2020: Starts back 1st February 2020 and runs for 10 weeks.


As a parent, of course we want our children to be safe.  One of the ways that we try to do this is by teaching our children about stranger danger.  However, despite what we may think, unless children are provided the skills (classes/scenarios training) and taught continuously about stranger danger, unfortunately (as you can see demonstrated in the below video) children are still very vulnerable to falling victim to a stranger.  (And don’t be fooled by age, depending on the incentive (think a $50 note), an older child will walk off with a stranger too).

Aside from learning skills to deal with strangers, we also teach your child about who is a safer stranger, as in some situations they may need to ask a stranger for help.  Think for example a Police Officer.  Even though your child may not have met that Police Officer before, depending on the circumstances, your child may need to ask them for help.


Benefits of training for your child include:

  • Develop more confidence
  • Get fit
  • Make new friends and have fun
  • Learn how to control emotions
  • Increased focus
  • Develop practical skills to defend themselves when required

 Please click here to go to our Young Defenders website for all the details of our class locations, pricing etc.