“Our passion for safety and for ensuring the highest standard of self-defence training for our staff lead us to InDefence some years ago. InDefence have created a bespoke package, the iGard System, to suit our business needs, which in particular develops rail workers mental, physical, technical and tactical tools to identify, avoid, and if necessary overcome physical violence in order to ensure their safe removal from any potentially hostile situation.

​Keolis Downer has won multiple industry awards for the implementation of the iGard system and we have recorded a 64% reduction in recordable workplace injuries since its inception 3 years ago.

​I would highly recommend InDefence to any organisation looking for a cost effective and importantly, outstanding training package”.
​Melissa Stone
HR Director, Keolis Downer Gold Coast (Operator and Maintainer of the Gold Coast Light Rail)


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InDefence at Work provides corporate training packages that address the full spectrum of conflict.

Conflict or violence in the workplace is a frightening experience that has significant flow on effects physically, mentally and financially.

Organisations and employees want to know that the company that they are calling have respect, integrity, capability and the expertise to provide training that meets their needs.

Our trainers are experts in the field of violence mitigation.We bring over 50 years of experience in the Legal, Aviation, Mental Health, Law Enforcement, Military and Security industries together to create solutions that meet your unique needs.

What makes us different from our competitors is that we educate our clients on the full spectrum of conflict rather than just ticking a box but falling short of addressing the real issue.

We do this by establishing legal parameters or guidelines and an organisation wide standardised method of response that gives staff the confidence to resolve conflict and the tools to remove themselves if necessary.

Our solutions aren’t about getting physical with an aggressive person, our focus is education, changing attitudes and beliefs so that staff can identify, prevent, deter, delay or respond to conflict with the objective being to remove themselves from danger or prevent others from falling casualty to the violent acts of an aggressive offender.

InDefence is all about identifying what the issue is, and providing a tailored solution that makes you feel comfortable that your staff are safer and that your business is providing a professional image under high stress situations.

If your business or the business you work for deals with the public then staff are at risk. Organise a meeting today to see if InDefence can help you create a safer working environment.  Please feel free to email us at info@indefenceatwork.com.au


InDefence were very professional and friendly to deal with right from my initial enquiry. All of the attendees on the training day were women and found the training environment very friendly, and relaxed, I can put this down to the fact that Ash is an excellent instructor. The training session was very well structured with an equal emphasis on body and mind, delivering tools for defending ourselves against both verbal or physical attacks. Ash trained our members with passion and focused heavily on the right attitude towards conflict resolution.

These skills will be very valuable not just for my members in a work environment but for life in general. All of the members loved the training session and have expressed interest to attend regular classes!

I would highly recommend InDefence for anyone who is serious about their well-being.

Thanks Anna & Ash.

Niki Bell - Senior Membership Coordinator - RE/MAX Australia & New Zealand

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