We offer a number of different corporate packages.  We can tailor these workshops to suit your needs and are available to travel both within Australia and overseas to conduct this training.

“Our passion for safety and for ensuring the highest standard of self-defence training for our staff lead us to InDefence some years ago. InDefence have created a bespoke package, the iGard System, to suit our business needs, which in particular develops rail workers mental, physical, technical and tactical tools to identify, avoid, and if necessary overcome physical violence in order to ensure their safe removal from any potentially hostile situation.
​Keolis Downer has won multiple industry awards for the implementation of the iGard system and we have recorded a 64% reduction in recordable workplace injuries since its inception 3 years ago.
​I would highly recommend InDefence to any organisation looking for a cost effective and importantly, outstanding training package”.
​Melissa Stone
HR Director, Keolis Downer Gold Coast (Operator and Maintainer of the Gold Coast Light Rail)


InDefence was established in 2007 by Ashley Gard and Anna Hacquoil to meet the self defence needs of not only the general public, but also corporate entities.

Founder Ashley Gard has over 15 years experience within the law enforcement and security industries.  A former member of the Royal Australian Corp of Military Police, Ashley has a vast knowledge of the security industry and is an Expert Level Krav Maga instructor.  Anna has a background in the corporate world with over 10 years experience in the legal industry.

Organisations and groups who are dealing with the public or those who place employees or conduct business in complex, hostile or remote areas face risks on a daily basis.  Some of these risks, at the higher end of the scale can potentially be life threatening.  Situations of conflict can have a detrimental impact on company reputation and most importantly your employees personal security.

InDefence has developed a series of modules that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation.  We have a varied range of courses to suit any company large or small and pride ourselves on quality instruction and skills to last a lifetime.

Not only do InDefence’s corporate training options offer protection skills but they are designed to encourage team building and leadership, build confidence and teach conflict resolution skills.  Corporate training can be tailored to suit your specific business needs.

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Please see below some of our most popular programs:


Vocational or workplace violence can have significant short and long term impacts on employees and managers psychological and physical wellbeing. As a result organisations and employees can suffer serious financial costs impacting reputations and families due to injuries, work cover claims and the method of response.

Sadly there are some terrible statistics pertaining to violence in the workplace and life in general.

Violence against people:

1 in 4 people are assaulted in the workplace

37% or workers are verbally abused at work

1 in 3 woman are physically or sexually assaulted by the age of 16 years

1 in 5 males will be assaulted by a stranger

Work cover claims:

39% of Mental disorder claims are due to harassment, bullying or exposure to violence

15%  of Mental stress claims are a result of occupational violence  – 15%

1 in 5 men claim as a result of harassment or bullying

1 in 3  women claim as a result of harassment or bullying


The purpose of this program is to significantly enhance your staff’s safety and ability to resolve conflict in the workplace and their private lives by understanding when they are vulnerable, recognise when the threat of violence is escalating and build tactics, behaviours and if necessary defend themselves using legally defendable tactics against violence to dramatically reduce the risk of sustaining injury or feeling intimidated by emotional or angry customers, clients or colleagues.

Our programs can be tailored to suit your workplace specifically.

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Ashley Gard, Director, InDefence Personal Safety Specialists

InDefence addresses the the full spectrum of conflict. We bring together personal safety tactics, legal considerations and 50 years of military, law enforcement, legal, aviation, public transport and security management of places of mass gathering experience to formulate logical solutions to meet your needs. 

I can’t guarantee that your staff won’t suffer violence in your workplace, what I can say is that in most cases violence in the workplace will happen and we can help you to significantly reduce the negative effects that altercation has on your business by helping you build a skilled, confident and capable workforce that is loyal to you. 


We can significantly enhance your staff’s safety and the safety of the ones they love immediately without them ever learning a single physical self defence technique.

Be Mindful, Be safe, analyses the methods of operation undertaken by potential attackers. We look at victim mentality (how people portray themselves to others) and behaviours that we can modify to significantly enhance personal safety without the need to learn self defence techniques.

Arm your staff with the knowledge to lead a safe and fulfilled life.



There is one thing that stands between the you now, and the you that you have always dreamt of being, and that is the HABIT of quitting.

Tenacity – is the program to help you achieve all of the things that you have dreamt about.
No journey starts without a final destination, we are here to guide you on your way by helping you to clearly define exactly what it is you want to achieve, and encourage you to put a plan in place to start working towards successfully exceeding your expectations and blow that goal clean out of the water.
We will give you the tools and support, all you need to do is to believe you can………… and you will.

Fear is the largest reason for losing the will to continue..

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of embarrassment
  • Fear of accountability


  • Fear of success

Tenacity will challenge you to take small, measurable steps to encourage you to walk confidently out of your comfort zone, at your pace and in a safe and supportive environment. We will use physical, psychological and team building activities to build an unstoppable mindset.

in the awesome words of authort, Susan Jeffers

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Let us help you to discover your inner strength, unleash your will to win, to never give up……… Discover the you that you have always wanted to be, and do the things that you have always dreamt of doing. GET TOUGH, GET TENACIOUS.

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Create a strong Team!

Endure some of the toughest environmental conditions. Survive on your knowledge not your equipment. You will go head to head and take on the ultimate test of survival.

With only your raw skills and ingenuity you will navigate your way through treacherous terrain while battling hunger, perilous weather conditions and the ominous peril of being stalked and hunted by hostile predators.

For those that succeed there is no grand prize, just the well-fought pride of having conquered the gruelling challenges that Mother Nature can throw at them. This is an epic competition where the only prize is survival ( and a T-shirt :)).

This Workshop can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

The ultimate team-building weekend!

InDefence were very professional and friendly to deal with right from my initial enquiry. All of the attendees on the training day were women and found the training environment very friendly, and relaxed, I can put this down to the fact that Ash is an excellent instructor. The training session was very well structured with an equal emphasis on body and mind, delivering tools for defending ourselves against both verbal or physical attacks. Ash trained our members with passion and focused heavily on the right attitude towards conflict resolution.

These skills will be very valuable not just for my members in a work environment but for life in general. All of the members loved the training session and have expressed interest to attend regular classes!

I would highly recommend InDefence for anyone who is serious about their well-being.

Thanks Anna & Ash.

Niki Bell - Senior Membership Coordinator - RE/MAX Australia & New Zealand

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