We can significantly enhance your safety and the safety of the ones you love immediately without ever learning a single physical self defence technique.

Be Mindful, Be Safe will open your eyes to the little things you do everyday that make you vulnerable to becoming a casualty of persons whom intend to prey on good people like you.

By accepting that bad things happen to good people like you everyday, we will guide you through an education process that delivers results immediately, no need for years of training, bruises, strains or sprains

Be Mindful, Be safe, analyses the methods of operation undertaken by predators, narcissists, and psychopaths. We show you how to portray an image to the world that will reduce the chance of you being taken advantage of or falling victim to preventable situations.

Arm yourself with the knowledge to lead a safe and fulfilled life.

This seminar is run for groups so get some friends together or maybe your school or workplace.  

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