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There is one thing that stands between the you now, and the you that you have always dreamt of being, and that is the HABIT of quitting.

Tenacity – is the program to help you achieve all of the things that you have dreamt about.
No journey starts without a final destination, we are here to guide you on your way by helping you to clearly define exactly what it is you want to achieve, and encourage you to put a plan in place to start working towards successfully exceeding your expectations and blow that goal clean out of the water.
We will give you the tools and support, all you need to do is to believe you can………… and you will.

Fear is the largest reason for losing the will to continue..

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of embarrassment
  • Fear of accountability


  • Fear of success

Tenacity will challenge you to take small, measurable steps to encourage you to walk confidently out of your comfort zone, at your pace and in a safe and supportive environment. We will use physical, psychological and team building activities to build an unstoppable mindset.

in the awesome words of authort, Susan Jeffers

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Let us help you to discover your inner strength, unleash your will to win, to never give up……… Discover the you that you have always wanted to be, and do the things that you have always dreamt of doing. GET TOUGH, GET TENACIOUS.

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Whether you are interested in self-defense, building your self-confidence or just a great workout, the highly trained and certified instructors of InDefence will guide and support you every step of the way. Beyond the regularly scheduled classes at 3 different locations, Ash & Anna are constantly offering special workshops, additional training opportunities and social events. In my 3+ years training with the group, what stands out as most impressive is the group's eagerness to embrace students old and new and of any ability level and background. The individualised attention to each student's goals and interests far exceeds my previous experiences with similar types of training.

George H, Associate Professor

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