Melbourne Update


Krav Maga Self Defence Solutions (now Indefence) was established in 2007 by Anna Hacquoil and Ashley Gard, both of whom gained their instructor qualifications through Eyal Yanilov, the worlds best Krav Maga technician.

InDefenceĀ boasts one of the largest number of professional, qualified instructors in Australia. What that means for you is an opportunity to get more one on one instruction, achieve your goals faster and an environment where you can take the time to ask to be shown at your pace.

All of our instructors have undergone the most comprehensive Krav Maga instructors course in the world. They have trained for years, undergone an extensive instruction training program over a three month period, qualifying under the worlds most renowned Krav Maga master instructor, Eyal Yanilov.

Upon completion of their course, all of our instructors undergo on the job training under guidance from highly experienced instructors with backgrounds in law, security, military and law-enforcement. Instructors must also attend annual instructor updates which makes for good quality control across the board.

Our instructors come from all walks of life, and we encourage you to read their profiles to learn more.