2. Conversation Management Workshop

Difference of opinion and embarrassment are two of the likely reasons a conversation turns violent. Although ambush type attacks do happen, usually most cases start from a face to face conversation called, in the personal safety industry, an interview.

The vast majority of social and workplace related acts of violence are the result of two people mirroring each others actions and emotions causing an attitude and behaviour change that quickly escalates to frightening situations.

Conversation management is the ability to prevent the majority of situations escalating through the use of proven tools established in the law enforcement industry under extremely stressful conditions.  Like a tool belt used by a builder who chooses a hammer to hit in a nail, or a tape measure to record distance.

An effective conversation manager is also an effective leader.  A leader has the ability to persuade and influence others to achieve their goals. Conversation Management provides “go to” options that help you control the conversation. Being the bearer of bad news is always going to make the recipient irritated and more aggressive. The real skill in conversation management is to deliver bad news while looking like the good guy or girl.

This short course offers an introduction to the tools and strategies used by law enforcement agencies globally to reduce conflict and create peaceful resolution.

This workshop is non-physical and is open to everyone, regardless of whether you have been to our classes or not.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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