Public Transport Workshop

Today more than ever people are traveling extensively to new and exciting places, having amazing experiences and spending quality time with family and friends. Unlike previous generations who didn’t feel the need to travel much except drive a few hours to visit relatives, we are visiting new countries, many of which view the world in a significantly different way in relation to human rights and public safety.

Travel with confidence knowing that should the worst happen you can trust yourself to act appropriately in adversity and make sensible decisions that may save your life and that of your families.

P.S. don’t think it only happens while traveling overseas, ask yourself how many hours do you spend in a car or on public transport each day and how many secondary locations you find yourself in like carparks, bus stations/stops, train stations and taxi ranks. Accept bad things happen to good people, take responsibility for your welfare and your families and invest some time to learn how to be safe.


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