Krav Maga Trial Package


Why not come along and try out a few Krav Maga classes so you can see first hand the benefits this training can give you such as:

  • Get fit – classes are self paced but you will increase your fitness level.
  • Gain more confidence - knowing how to deal with the worst case scenarios gives you a massive confidence boost
  • Learn practical, life saving skills straight away – no waiting for years to learn the skills you need to know now!  Our training includes running through scenarios that have or may occur in real life, making you ready to deal with situations where your safety (or your loved ones’) is in danger.
  • Train in a safe and no ego environment – We take your safety seriously.  All our training is conducted in a safe way and we also don’t tolerate ego.  You are here to learn, not put up with others who are there to ‘prove’ themselves.

Our trial offer gives you the opportunity to try Krav Maga without any obligations or expectations.

There are many contributing factors to choosing a Self Defence provider such as:

  • Are the instructors adequately qualified
  • Do you like the instructors
  • Does the location and time suit your needs
  • Are the students friendly
  • Do you feel welcome?
  • Are you getting what you pay for?
  • Do you agree with the content?

For $20 you get to try 3 classes at your convenience.


Please click here to complete the Waiver before attending class.


We look forward to seeing you in training.


Anna, Ash and the InDefence Team



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