Our goal is to make you feel empowered, fitter, stronger and safer. And InDefence Krav Maga is just the system to give you those benefits!

The techniques you will learn are simple, effective and are not reliant on strength so even if you are attacked by someone alot bigger than you, you will still be able to effectively and efficiently defend yourself or your loved ones.

Just some of the benefits of training include:

FITNESS We will motivate you to push yourself through some excellent fitness drills. There’s nothing like some group motivation!
FUN!!! Even though self defence can be a serious topic, the classes are conducted in a fun and safe way. You may even make some new friends!
SELF DEFENCE: Be your own bodyguard! Learn skills to protect yourself and your loved ones.
MENTAL TOUGHNESS: Having the mental strength to Never Give Up will see you through many situations in your life.
TIME OUT! Why not do something for you! Have some time out of your day to do something positive. You may even make some new friends along the way.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you start your journey to a safer, fitter, more confident and skilled you!

Training Options

  • Regular Womens Self Defence classes
  • Womens Self Defence Workshops – run on various topics
  • Be Mindful Be Safe – a theory based workshop that will open your eyes to the little things you do everyday that make you vulnerable to failing casualty to persons whom intend to prey on good people like you.
  • Private Lessons – give you the ability to train at a time and location convenient for you! The fastest way to gain real results!

Please contact us for upcoming dates.



​This course will cover all the basic self defence moves, strategies, tips and tactics to make you more confident……
During the course you will cover:
- combatives (how to kick and punch effectively)
- defences to attacks such as chokes, bear hugs, punches,
- awareness strategies (understand the mind of a potential attacker)
This course will give you the tools to escape danger and is a great introduction to Krav or even a chance to brush up on your skills.
The classes are run at Merrimac and consist of Krav, fitness, tactics and strategies and of course…fun!
When:  10th October 2020
Where: Merrimac State School, 2 Boowaggan Road, Merrimac (PAC Hall)
Time: 9:30am-10:30am
Booking: Please CLICK HERE to book your spot. (Book before 1st of October and SAVE)

We can’t wait to meet you and start you on your journey to a fitter, safer, stronger you!

Have a look at one of the regular drills we run in our classes.