We can tailor this workshop to suit your needs and are available to travel both within Australia and overseas to conduct this Workshop.  Please contact us for your requirements and to receive a Quote.


Escaping and evading an attacker while driving, cornering at high speed, steer training work on a turntable that puts your car into a slide! Sounds like fun? and it is!

We run two stages of the Tactical Driving Workshop, all designed to make you a better, safer more confident driver.


Do you know how to ram something in a vehicle?

What about escape and evasion drills to remove you and your family from dangerous situations like car jackings and road rage?

Are you intending to travel overseas to countries that are renowned for kidnapping?

Could you pull your car out of a deadly uncontrolled slide and prevent the death of the ones you love?

or would you just like to learn how to take corners at speed!

This Workshop will not only teach you Krav Maga techniques against car jackings, and defences in and around cars, but you will also get the chance to get into cars and learn practical driving skills from highly experienced driving instructors.

​​​​​​​This isn’t your usual defensive driving course either! In Stage 1 you will cover escape, evasion, ramming and other amazing driving skills.

​​​​​​​Stage 2 will ramp things up even more where you will experience the skid pan and learn the skills to deal with skids, how to drift and corner at high speed.


Please keep a look out for the next dates for this Workshop!



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