The goal of self defence training is to change your mental perspective from victim to fighter. Fighting is the tool used when self defence fails or preemptive action is required. Meaning that at that point of engagement your mentality is fight, hit or be hit, and in the extreme cases kill or be killed.

Fighting is the attitude of immediate action.  Imagine the Lindt Cafe siege.  At what point would you have acted if you were the manager?

During the great war, millions of prisoners of war were held captive at the hands of just a few with firearms.  Even as they walked to their imminent death most still failed to act, much like the atrocities of today. When is the right time to ACT?

Luckily for us, Israel has shared with the world the tools they use to develop highly capable soldiers…Krav Maga.

But they don’t teach Krav Maga for self defence….. Oh no…….Krav Maga is the tool of ACTION.  Israel  teaches if the going gets TOUGH, the mentally tough GET GOING…FIGHT.  Krav Maga is designed to make you mentally tough.

This workshop is about coming back from the dead, having the courage, no matter what the situation, to fight back immediately.

Yes you will spar….

Yes you will go full contact…

Yes you will be thrown to the ground….

But this workshop is about being thrown into complete chaos and surviving.

Like all our fighting workshops, we will have designated areas for various levels of intensity.  Big gloves, headgear, mouth guards and groin guard are advisable.  Even without the gear, all levels are welcome – it just means we will control your intensity at a lower level. The one mandatory thing you will need is the courage to step out of you comfort zone. Are you TOUGH ENOUGH….

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