Feedback from the Knife Workshop:

This workshop was absolutely fantastic! I feel I have taken away so much knowledge not just in terms of technique but also in how to study techniques in Krav Maga. The level of instruction is phenomenal and is personalised in such a way that no-one ever feels out of their depth. I couldn’t recommend this workshop more highly!

I enjoyed this workshop thoroughly, good level of technique ranging from more basic to advanced problem solving with a high level of attention given to all who attended. A very informative and fun day. Great workshop, great people, great day.

This workshop represents exceptional value for money, with invaluable time spent learning the mechanics of movement and tweaking form. My experience in 8 hour workshop has really elevated by Krav to new levels! Thanks so much Ash and Anna!



How confident are you at defending yourself if an altercation goes to the ground? Unless you’re a wrestler or experienced BJJ practitioner this isn’t the place most of us want to end up. 

Join Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, James “Jimmy” Donison, for an Intensive workshop designed to increase your confidence and skillset, catering to the novice, with no experience, up to the seasoned grappler. He will demonstrate the fundamental theories that put into practice leverage, posture, and positioning in order to overcome and submit a bigger, stronger, and faster opponent. 

Sixty three percent of violent altercations go to the ground. Don’t make yourself a statistic by not knowing how to get back up. 

Material covered - 

Day 1: 

The Four Fundamental Top Positions: How too Capitalise

Surviving and Escaping the Bottom

From Victim to Submission

Day 2*:

Submissions from All Positions

Linking Techniques: The Triple Threat

Escaping Submission Attempts

(Note*: participants on Day 2 must have an in depth understanding of the material taught on day 1.  Enrolling in both days is highly recommended)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Sunday the 8th and 15th of September 2019

Time: 8:30am-5:30pm

Where: Merrimac State School (PAC Hall), 2 Boowaggan Road, Merrimac


The InDefence Excellence Series is not like our usual workshops that give you a taste of various principles and concepts.

This series is an immersive technical education, an opportunity to focus on a specific weapon or grappling related topic and build a strong foundation that allows you to gain a high proficiency of skill that can be applied across all levels within the Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu syllabus.

The Excellence Series is suitable for anyone that wants to accelerate their knowledge and proficiency and will cover content from the first levels (Practitioner) right through to the Expert levels.

Participants must be aged 16 years and over to attend.
** There is restricted access to the Firearms Workshop.  Please email us for all the details on this Workshop.

  • New students- learn a strong foundation to the worlds most effective self defence and fighting systems.
  • Current students- take your understanding to a completely different level and gain exposure to Expert level content and gain 4 weeks of training in one day. In the case of BJJ it will be a whopping 16 hours in 2 days.
  • Retired students- a great opportunity to regain the foundation you achieved prior to life preventing your ability to attend regular classes and continue your journey.
  • FIFO, self employed, shift workers, Military and Police members- it can be hard to commit to regular training and the fear of injury to a self employed person is daunting. The excellence series is a technical education, not a hard out, all in smash session.

This self paced learning method is designed to gain high proficiency as soon as possible and that starts with knowledge.


Knife: Sunday 16th June 2019 (COMPLETED)
Bludgeon Weapons: Sunday 7 July 2019 (COMPLETED)
Firearms: Sunday 25th August 2019 (COMPLETED)



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