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Combat Shooting Level 1

Perhaps the most comprehensive introductory workshop on the use of pistols and safety around firearms. In addition the workshop explores in great detail Krav Maga’s defences to firearms. Should at any time you find yourself defending a firearm or just find yourself in a situation where a firearm presents a danger to your or your family it is important to know how to make it safe.

Although it is a introductory workshop much of the content is far from basic. You will be shooting from various positions like standing, siting, kneeling and laying down.

We introduce two methods of shooting:

1.      Well aimed shots through correct target acquisition and sight alignment (like most Police organisations learn)

2.    Close combat point shooting developed by Col Rex Applegate adapted from Williams E Fairbairn’s combat shooting method developed during WW2

Proximity and time is what determines the use of either method, records indicate that most situations involving firearms happen in low light conditions within 5 meters.

At that range you simply don’t have time to take a well aimed shot, just point and shoot. Conversely a short barrelled fire aim is incredibly inaccurate in the hands of a non experienced shooter, shooting over longer ranges requires more time and concentration to put rounds on targets, enter the well aimed shot through correct sight alignment.

You will be exposed to fun activities and a competition shoot out with a trophy on the line. Lunch is in included in this 6 hour exciting and rare workshop.

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