Have you ever had that feeling you’re not alone?

It’s a strange and often unnerving feeling we get when something just isn’t right. Picture yourself walking back to you’re car after work, taking that evening run, walking home from a night out with friends. That feeling is usually there for a good reason. You’re body is telling you “be prepared for the worst”!
A grab of the wrist, a hand over your mouth, a drag backwards..
Stats like 85% of sexual assaults are on female victims are often thrown around but the sad and harsh fact is that its true and this all adds to our insecurities.

  • We can do something to change that.
  • We can take that feeling of panic and use it to raise our mental awareness.
  • We can make the right tactical choices when planning everyday life and
  • We can defend ourselves if the worst was to happen.

All of this is designed to give you confidence and control in your life.

We will cover some of the most common assaults women face in some of the more common places including car parks, recreation areas and quiet streets all within a safe and fun but realistic environment.


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