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Krav vs Wild Luke & Johann

Krav Vs Wild is the ultimate survival weekend:

  • You will be pushed to your limits physically and mentally.
  • You will be taken hostage.
  • You will have to deal with active shooters.
  • You will learn how to escape and evade capture using the very best in defensive tactics (Krav Maga) and military fieldcraft including camouflage and concealment.
  • This is a unique experience not to be missed!


Endure some of the toughest environmental conditions.  Survive on your knowledge not your equipment. You will go head to head and take on the ultimate test of survival.

With only your raw skills and ingenuity you will navigate your way through treacherous terrain while battling hunger, perilous weather conditions and the ominous peril of being stalked and hunted by hostile predators (active shooters).

For those that succeed there is no grand prize, just the well-fought pride of having conquered the gruelling challenges that mother nature can throw at them. This is an epic competition where the only prize is survival ( and a T-shirt :)).


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