We train people from all walks of life. The common bond is that everyone that trains with us have educated themselves and done their research before coming to InDefence. They all want a system that is realistic and purely self defence orientated. Our classes do not appeal to thugs or people that feel the need to prove themselves.

Definitely! It is incredibly important for women to learn self defence. The awareness drills alone can have a huge impact on your everyday life and habits.

Training does involve contact which can sometimes push you out of your comfort zone however we believe that it is better to deal with situations in class rather than for the first time on the street.

Wear clothing that you feel comfortable wearing for training. Most students wear clothing that they would wear to the gym such as track pants/shorts, a t-shirt and closed in shoes such as runners.

Students are required to be aged 16 years and over to train in our Adults regular classes however we do run Kids and Teens Krav classes on the Gold Coast for students ages 6-15 years of age. Personal training sessions are available for all ages.

You can start training at any time, there is no need to wait! We do not have specific intake times for students (we operate all year around (apart from a couple of weeks over Christmas) as we believe that if you have a need to learn self defence then you should not have to wait! We have a number of instructors in our classes to assist you so you will not feel out of your depth no matter when you start.

Ideally it is best to train twice a week however we understand that life/work commitments can sometimes make this impossible therefore come along when you can. We have various payment options to suit all situations. Some training is better than none. Krav will give you the skills, all you need to do is turn up.

No. We have a wide variety of students with various fitness levels in our classes. All the training is self paced so you can go at the level you are comfortable with. We will motivate you to push that bit further but how hard you go is up to you. Krav training is a great way to increase your fitness.

No, not at all. The more you train in Krav the more proficient you will be, regardless of your background.

Don’t feel frustrated if you come from another system. We don’t expect you to change everything you have been taught. We have the philosophy that we are adding new tools to your toolbox and that over time your body will start to adopt Krav Maga movement.

We have new students starting all the time. We do run specific beginner class times but regardless, InDefence has a number of instructors in each class to ensure that you cover the foundational techniques/stances/etc in Krav Maga so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

We have many people who attend Krav Maga who have, unfortunately, been involved in a violent incident.

Our instructors are highly approachable and should you have a history of being involved in a violent incident, then we strongly recommend you talk to our instructors so they can manage your training without putting you in an uncomfortable situation.

If however, you feel unable to talk to anyone about your situation you are welcome to sit out during that section, no questions asked.

We don’t expect that you go out and buy copious amounts of unnecessary kit. However should you wish to continue training then a groin guard and mouth guard are essential. We also recommend arm guards further down the track.

Yes. There are various levels of contact in training. It all starts with holding the pads for your training partner. This allows you to begin taking an impact with no chance of injury. You will be grabbed and have to grab others in various chokes and holds and as you progress will be given opportunities to do slow fighting, light contact sparring, and contact fighting.

Everything in Krav is voluntary. If you don’t want to do something simply ask an instructor to take you aside and work on technique. Its your journey in Krav and our job to make it enjoyable and safe.