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Adults Krav Maga Classes

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Adults Classes

InDefence Krav Maga will teach you the skills to protect yourself and your family.  Our experience has shown that people who train with us feel more confident, strong and capable. Self defence is not only about preventing violence, it’s about giving people the personal power to stand up for themselves at work and in their personal lives against people who try to knock them down.

No one else offers such a vast range of training options and unique workshops or can offer your tuition based on real world experience. Ashley and his team of Instructors draw on years of experience and knowledge to bring you the very best training available.

Training Options

Adults Krav Maga Classes

Come along and try out our classes and experience these benefits:

  • Get fit – classes are self paced but you will increase your fitness level.  At the end of the class we also have a 10 minute WOD (workout of the day) guaranteed to get your heart racing!
  • Have time out away from the stresses of life = good for mental health!
  • Gain more confidence – knowing how to deal with the worst case scenarios gives you a massive confidence boost
  • Learn practical, life saving skills straight away – no waiting for years to learn the skills you need to know now!  
  • Train in a safe and no ego environment – We take your safety seriously.  All our training is conducted in a safe way and we also don’t tolerate ego.  

Robina from 7pm on Mondays
Mudgeeraba from 7pm on Thursdays
Merrimac from 8:30am on Saturdays

How Is Krav Different?

Most attacks do not occur in the comfortable and regulated environment of a formal dojo or training hall. Krav Maga training is therefore predicated on the fact that attacks and life-threatening situations can occur anywhere and in an instant. Attacks happen when we least expect them, when we are most vulnerable, in areas congested with furniture and other objects, on uneven ground, in low-light areas, in car parks, and in many other environments where we live, move through, and work. Therefore, our training is structured to allow for these and other variables that occur during violent attacks.

We train to overcome and/or compensate for the effects of shock, deterioration of fine motor skills, tunnel vision and other factors such as time distortion etc. Our techniques and other skills have been developed and refined in real-world situations and used successfully by civilians, police, and others trained in the system.

What will you learn?

  • The self-confidence to identify, avoid, and, if necessary, neutralise an attack
  • How to function effectively under the stress and shock of a sudden attack
  • How to defend against a number of common attacks such as chokes, bear hugs, punches, attacks on the ground and weapons such as guns, knives and sticks
  • A good cardio workout

Can’t get to training? try our Online Training Programs

The Ultimate online Safety Course

  • Be 90% safer in just one day!
  • Non-physical
  • Simple strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones
  • Money back guarantee

Discover the ultimate personal safety course – Beware the Wolf. 

In this non-physical course, you will master the blueprint of antisocial violence, understanding the blueprint of circumstances that lead to conflict or violence. 

Empower yourself with the knowledge to recognise moments of vulnerability and implement strategies that can make you up to 90% SAFER IN JUST ONE DAY!


Be 90% safer with the ultimate personal safety course!

ASH GARD – Instructor

With deep roots in the military and policing, Ash Gard stands out as a Krav Maga specialist, adept security professional, and passionate workplace trainer.

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