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The mission of our courses is to ultimately prevent people falling casualty to violence. The sad truth is that for the past 15 years, we have been helping many casualties of violence, using self-defence classes as a medium, to regain the confidence that was ripped from them under horrific circumstances.

As a former soldier, I live by the mantra never leave a person behind. Our courses prevent people being casualties of violence but your participation in our courses will help a person that is already in need by donating 10% of course profits to an organisation that supports military service people, casualties of violence or cancer. You can choose where your donation goes!

Help us help them, help save a life.

Supporting military veterans

Actively changing the lives of current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members, and their families, impacted by service. 

Established in 2013, Mates4Mates has become one of the country’s leading charities providing physical, psychological and social support services to the Defence community.

Over the years more than 5,600 people have directly benefited from our services and continue to access support regularly. With over 23,000 face-to-face connections provided by our staff each year, we help veterans and their families connect, recover and move forward after service-related injuries. 

We have welcoming Family Recovery Centres in South East Queensland, North Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Territory, and provide services in outreach locations around Australia. Many of our staff and volunteers come from all areas of the Defence community and understand what it means to serve. They are experienced in helping veterans overcome hurdles and navigate through recovery.

We are here to provide a pathway to recovery through our physical rehabilitation and psychology services, skills and wellbeing programs, and social connection activities.

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Supporting casualties of domestic violence


To provide refuge, safety, comfort, nutrition, and case management counselling for women and children to help repair the trauma associated with domestic violence.

The Sanctuary provides refuge, safety, education, nutrition, and case management counselling yet It has no Government funding and relies heavily on contributions from the community at large.

Domestic Violence is a pattern of abusive behaviour in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner.

Domestic  violence includes behaviour that is physically, sexually, emotionally, psychologically or economically abusive, threatening, coercive or aimed at controlling or dominating another person through fear.

Domestic violence, in all forms, is a violation of basic human rights. Everyone, regardless of their sex, religion, nationality, race, relationship, or living arrangements, has the right to feel safe, and be safe, in public and at home. Domestic violence must not be accepted or excused.

The Sanctuary Women, Children and Pet’s Refuge is a registered charity RETREAT FOR KIDS INC registration number: CH2895 

Please help us support these victims today!

Saving Pet’s from Domestic Violence

Our pet’s offer us unconditional love and stability for a woman experiencing domestic violence this bond is often targeted by the abuser.

Pets are frequently caught up in the difficulty many people face in domestic violence situations when finding safe and affordable housing.

People love their pets like their children so all too often they are prepared to stay in a violent home to keep them safe. The Sanctuary allows them to escape with their pets by their side.

Unfortunately pets caught up in domestic violence also became part of a control issue about who kept them. When domestic violence victims’ pets arrive at The Sanctuary, they join a mini-animal farm, which includes  goats, chickens and exotic birds.

We take in clients’ cats and dogs, as well as guinea pigs, birds and other pets. Our clients have their own yards where they can keep their animals. Having their pets here, keeps our clients happy and not on antidepressants to treat the separation anxiety caused by being separated from their pets.


  • Physical abuse, being beaten, kicked or thrown against a wall.
  • Emotional abuse, intentionally tormenting, teasing or yelling at an animal.
  • Intentional neglect such as withholding  food, water, human contact and shelter.

Please help us support these victims today!

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Cancer research & patient care

Cancer never rests and for that reason neither do we. Your gift ensures we can continue to fund lifesaving research and support those affected every minute, every hour, every day.

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Thank you for supporting a returned veteran owned business