Our aim was to find the best self defence solution for our teenager.

This desire arose from what seems to be an alarming increase in ‘coward punch’ and other unprovoked attacks on innocent young people.

Krav was initially recommended to us by a martial arts expert friend who suggested that Krav draws from the most effective elements from other arts and then distills them into practical techniques and approaches that will work in real life.

We have been pleased to see it impart capability so quickly, and also offer great flexibility for people to learn just the survival basics, or to dig far deeper and progress through grading etc if they wish to.

Our son has now acquired an impressive level of confidence with a range self defence techniques (both physically and psychologically).   This would have taken far longer to acquire with other forms or self defence / martial art and perhaps also be far less applicable to real life situations. In addition to this we have admired how Krav teaches good situational awareness for avoiding conflict in the first place, and then the quite devastating techniques to survive and not become the victim if conflict cannot be averted.

Krav with InDefence is oriented to real world threats and scenarios with very friendly and professional instruction.

We have no hesitation in recommending it based on our experiences.

Talan Miller
Sabre Corporate Development and Belbin Australia