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seconds matter! make them count

Learn to control severe bleeding and save lives


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Seconds matter

Every second counts, and your life hangs in the balance.

Mastering trauma first aid isn’t merely a skill—it’s a lifeline. In crisis moments, it marks the difference between life and death. This critical knowledge empowers individuals to offer immediate aid and support, potentially saving lives, including their own.

But who carries a fully stocked first aid kit every day? Few, if any. Especially one equipped to handle severe bleeding with tourniquets, trauma dressings, and packing gauze.

Knowledge is power. Relying solely on equipment can lead to catastrophic panic when it’s unavailable, and every second is vital.

Real scenarios

Enter the “Improvised Trauma First Aid” workshop. Here, we delve into violent scenarios captured on police body cameras and bystanders’ phones.

You’ll first learn to utilise your primary defence, Krav Maga, to survive the encounter. Then, through role-play, you’ll confront the potential injuries inflicted during such aggressive attacks.


Learn to apply this knowledge using everyday items and clothing.

Learning trauma first aid isn’t just about following a manual; it’s about mastering the art of improvisation in the face of chaos. When medical supplies are scarce and time is of the essence, this knowledge becomes invaluable. It’s the difference between standing helpless and taking decisive action, potentially turning the tide for someone in desperate need.

Knowledge is everything. Seconds matter. Make yours count!!


Jake mitchell

Jake Mitchell, a seasoned paramedic, first responder, and search and rescue specialist, will deliver life-saving information. He’ll teach you how to control severe bleeding and trauma across various body areas, including:

  • Devastating gunshot wounds to the chest
  • Vicious knife slashes across the abdomen
  • Deep penetrating wounds to the legs
  • Knives lodged in your body
  • Arterial bleeds from axe attacks
  • Brutal bludgeoning hammer attacks resulting in smashed skulls
  • And more

Ash gard

An expert level Krav Maga instructor with 20 years experience teaching life saving defensive tactics and strategies to individuals and organisations. During this dynamic workshop Ash will teach you how to:

  • Defend deadly hammer attacks
  • Defend slashing knife attacks
  • Defend dangerous firearm scenarios
  • Defend bludgeon weapon attacks
  • And more

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time, LOCATION & Cost

Merrimac state primary school

Corner of Gooding Drive and Boowaggan Rd Merrimac

9am – 12pm
26 May 2024

workshop is now full!


What you get:

  • Expert trauma first aid tuition
  • Expert Krav Maga tuition
  • Improvised first aid
  • A Tourniquet to take home

Normally $149

Special limited time offer $99

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ASH GARD – Instructor

With deep roots in the military and policing, Ash Gard stands out as a Krav Maga specialist, adept security professional, and passionate workplace trainer.

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