Every second counts, and your life hangs in the balance.

In a crisis, every second counts. Our “Improvised Trauma First Aid” workshop teaches vital skills for life-threatening situations. 

You’ll first learn to utilise your primary defence, Krav Maga, to survive the encounter. Then, through role-play, you’ll confront the potential injuries inflicted during such aggressive attacks.

Learn to control severe bleeding, treat gunshot and knife wounds, and more, using everyday items. This knowledge empowers you to take decisive action when medical supplies are scarce, potentially saving lives. Don’t wait—join us and make your seconds count!

When: Sunday 26th May 2024
Where: Merrimac State School
Time: 9am-12pm
Who: Suitable for participants aged 14 years and over.
!!WARNING – there will be gory content.!!
Price: Get in on the earlybird special!


In January 2024 we ran 4 Workshops:

  • Law and the Use of Force
  • Control & Restraint
  • Defending against Firearms
  • Hammer Workshop

And we will be running more workshops throughout the year. We will keep you updated on this site when we have the dates for more!

Please see THIS PAGE for a list of all our previous workshops over the past years.

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