Womens Only 6 Week Course


Starting from Saturday the 2nd of February we will be running a 6 week Womens Only Krav Maga Self Defence Foundation Course!
​This course will cover all the basic self defence moves, strategies, tips and tricks to make you more confident……  Plus it will get you oh so much fitter!
Who doesn’t want to be fit for summer, more confident and have kick-ass self defence skills!! 
During the course you will cover:
- combatives (how to kick and punch effectively)
- defences to attacks such as chokes, bear hugs, punches,
- awareness strategies (understand the mind of a potential attacker)
​- fitness drills!  (10 minutes of tabata style fitness along with other drills during the class)
This course will give you the tools to escape danger and is a great introduction to Krav or even a chance to brush up on your skills.
The classes are run at Merrimac and consist of Krav, fitness, tactics and strategies and of course…fun!
When: Starts Saturday 2 February 2019 (6 weeks)
Where: Merrimac State School, 2 Boowaggan Road, Merrimac
Time: 9:30am-10:30am
Cost: $150


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