Who Trains at InDefence? Tim

Tim Redstone
Job Title:
Registered Nurse

Years as a nurse:
Nursing since 2004

3 words:
Assisting Patients Detoxing

Work entails:
Managing patients who are detoxing from drugs and Alcohol at the private Hospital, Currumbin Clinic.

Typical week:
I work permanent night shifts 9pm to 7.30am. Helping the patients with their detoxing, which includes helping them with their withdrawal symtoms which involves givings medications, and trying to encourage and motivate them, and plenty of paperwork (Sux).  But as I work nights, I try not to talk too much with the patients, as good sleep is vital for the brain to rest which helps with recovery.

How did I get started in this area:
My wife Debbie and I decided to do our nursing degrees together in 2002. I realised very early on that I  wanted to work in Mental Health, as Debbie’s mother has a mental illness, and it is a huge area of need and a very misunderstood sector of health.

Likes and Dislikes:
I like working nights, as they are a longer shift so I don’t need to do so many to get my hours up. I like seeing the patients leave feeling motivated and positive about their future with some ‘Tools’ we have given them. But I dislike it when I know that they are going back into the same environment, with the same friends and situation that they were in before they came to us. I personally believe that unless they make a fresh start in a new environment  then they will be unsuccessful in staying off their drug of choice. Because, what are their friends doing? ….. they are doing the same thing that the patient was doing before they came to us. It is tough for them …. no doubt about it.

Misconceptions about my job:
Some people think how can you be a bloke and be a nurse? Well there are more and more men doing their Nursing degrees, which is awesome, as men are in huge demand, particularly in my field of mental health. It can get a bit physical at times, and patients may need to be restrained particularly when they are very unwell, or psychotic from their mental illness or drug addiction. So having men around can help with the situation. I’m not saying that women can’t help… of course they do, but it’s good to have men around just in case, if purely for their physicality.

Interesting story/fact:

People have asked me about ICE, and how bad the drug is and wonder how I can do what I do. And yes, it is horrendous what can happen to people who use it. How they can loose everything that is important to them. Spouses, Family, Careers, Homes, Job’s, Cars, and in many cases their lives.
But you know what!? …in my opinion the worst drug is ALCOHOL. Why? Because it is just an accepted part of our way of life. Part of our culture. I would hate to not be able to have a drink if I wanted to …. that would suck so much. But there are many, many out there that can’t. Once they have one, they can’t stop. It’s just so sad. They have lost everything and have no hope. It’s all a bit depressing isn’t it.
The great thing is…. we do have success which is so awesome. And hearing those stories makes it all worthwhile. Who doesn’t like hearing about that.
Well that’s a bit about me.

Take care and God bless. I hope I’ll see you at training soon.


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