Reaching for the Middle Podcast – Ashley Gard

Jimmy sat down with Ash and interviewed him for this podcast. To say I was nervous about this is an understatement! Not because I didn’t think that Jimmy wouldn’t do a good job, but because I know how things go when these two get together for a ‘chat’! 

But I am happy with how it’s gone (so far)…..

If you want to learn some more about Ash and how he got to be where he is, check out the links below.

Ashley (Ash) Gard discusses how his childhood in a small New Zealand town, with parents who volunteered in victim services and a brother, who’s a highly regarded bodyguard (third party protection), led Ash to a career in the military, achieve expert status in the Israeli fighting system Krav Maga, and provide third party protection to high profile clients like the Rolling Stones, Axl Rose, Paris Hilton, Harry Styles, and the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team…



Hosted By: James Donison at JimJamPro Creative Services

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